What does sxe mean?

sxe means straight edge.

See straightedge for futher explanation.
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Slang terms related to "straight edge"

  • ACK: Acknowledgement
  • EDGY: Cutting edge
  • FYK: For Your Knowledge
  • GYFS: Get Your Facts Straight
  • HUA: Heard Understood Acknowledged
  • IMK: In My Knowledge
  • OTE: Over The Edge
  • PHWOAR: Acknowledgement that a person is fit, sexy,hot
  • SOOC: Straight Out Of Camera (not Photoshopped)
  • SOOTB: Straight Out Of The Box
  • STR8: Straight
  • SXE: Straightedge
  • TAKS: Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills
  • TMK: To My Knowledge
  • TTBOMK: To The Best Of My Knowledge
  • XVX: Straightedge Vegetarian
  • XVX: Straightedge Vegan
  • ack: acknowledged
  • b/s/l: Bisexual/Straight/Lesbian
  • ntmk: Not to my knowledge
  • sgb: straight/gay/bisexual
  • slgb: Straight/Lesbian/Gay/Bisexual
  • sorg: Straight or Gay
  • str8up: straight up
  • sxe: straight edge
  • ttbomk: to the best o fmy knowledge

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What is sxe slang word?

Very simple, It is straight edge or 1 other.