What does npc mean?

npc means Non-playable character.

Please check with your context to make sure this definition is appropriate.

We have 1 other definition of npc:

  • NPC: Non Player Character (MMORPG)

Slang terms related to "Non-playable character"

  • ALT: Alternative character in RPG
  • EMOTICON: characters representing an emotion
  • NPC: Non Player Character (MMORPG)
  • OC: Original Character
  • OCR: Optical Character Recognition
  • OOC: Out Of Control/Character/Context
  • TOON: Online character in RPG
  • &: Ampersand character
  • 10CHAR: Padding where at least 10 characters are required
  • char: character
  • chr: character
  • npc: Non-playable character
  • ooc: out of character

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What is npc slang word?

Very simple, It is Non-playable character or 1 other.