What does brk mean?

brk means Break.

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Other words relating to "Break"

  • B&B: Bed & Breakfast
  • B&E: Breaking And Entering
  • BANJAX: Break, destroy
  • BIO: Biological (toilet) break
  • BNB: Bed 'N' Breakfast
  • BREKKIE: Breakfast
  • CRICKETS: Said after a lame joke to break the silence
  • FUTAB: Feet Up, Take A Break
  • GMAB: Give Me A Break
  • HACK: Break into computer systems or software
  • HBK: Heart Break Kid
  • HIATUS: A Break From Something
  • IBUWU: I'm Breaking Up With You
  • OMB: On My Break
  • brbbrb: br right back bath room break
  • buwu: breaking up with you
  • gmafb: give me a f**king break
  • rrb: restroom break
  • ttyab: Talk to you after breakfast

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brk Definition

Very simple, It is Break.

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