What does REEFER mean?

REEFER means Marijuana.

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Other words relating to "Marijuana"

  • BAKE: Smoke marijuana
  • BLEM: High on marijuana
  • BLUEBERRY: Form of marijuana
  • BLUNT: Marijuana cigar
  • BOWL: Part of a marijuana pipe
  • BUN: Smoke marijuana
  • CHRONIC: High quality marijuana
  • COLA: Top bud of a marijuana plant
  • CUSH: High grade marijuana
  • DANK: Highly potent marijuana
  • DIRT: Low grade marijuana
  • DOJA: Marijuana, weed
  • DOOBIE: Marijuana cigarette, joint
  • DRO: HyDROponically grown marijuana
  • DUB SACK: A $20 bag of marijuana
  • ELBOW: A pound of marijuana
  • ERB: Herb, Marijuana
  • GANJ: Ganja, marijuana
  • GANJA: Marijuana, pot, cannabis, weed
  • HAZE: Type of marijuana
  • HYDRO: Hydroponically grown marijuana
  • JOINT: Rolled marijuana cigarette
  • KUSH: High grade marijuana
  • LID: Ounce of marijuana
  • LOUD: Good quality marijuana
  • MAUI WOWIE: Marijuana, weed from Hawaii
  • MEX: Low grade marijuana from Mexico
  • MID: Mid grade marijuana
  • MMJ: Medical Marijuana
  • MOTA: Marijuana, weed
  • NUG: High quality bud of marijuana
  • PINNER: Thin marijuana cigarette
  • PURPLE: Strong marijuana
  • SCHWAG: Low grade marijuana
  • SEEDS: Marijuana seeds
  • SLICE: Eighth of an ounce (3.5 grams) of marijuana
  • SMACKED: High on marijuana
  • SPARK: Set light to (marijuana)
  • THC: Tetrahydrocannabinol, active ingredient in marijuana
  • TOKE: Inhale marijuana smoke
  • TOKER: Someone who smokes marijuana
  • WW: White Widow (strong marijuana)
  • 420: Time to get high, smoke marijuana

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REEFER Definition

Very simple, It is Marijuana.

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