What does PROPS mean?

PROPS means Respect, recognition.

Please check with your context to make sure this definition is appropriate.

Other words relating to "Respect, recognition"

  • ADR: All Due Respect
  • BIG UP: Expression of respect
  • DISS: Disrespect
  • DISSING: Being disrespectful
  • FUBAR: Fouled Up Beyond All Recognition
  • JUICE: Respect, power
  • KUDOS: Respect and recognition
  • KWAN: Love and Respect
  • OCR: Optical Character Recognition
  • PAR: Disrespect
  • PLUR: Peace, Love, Unity, and Respect
  • PROPS: Respect, recognition
  • RESTECPA: Respect (Ali G)
  • SHADE: Casual, disrespectful
  • V/R: Very Respectfully
  • WADR: With All Due Respect
  • foobar: f**ked up beyond all recognition
  • fubar: f**ked up beyond all recognition
  • fubr: f**ked Up Beyond Recognition
  • bubar: bushed up beyond all recognition
  • phlr: peace hugs love respect
  • rspct: respect
  • snafubar: Situation Normal All f**ked Up Beyond Any Recognition

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PROPS Definition

Very simple, It is Respect, recognition.

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