What does PERO mean?

PERO means But.

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A conversation using slang word: PERO

Mary and Max conversation-part 4

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Other funchat in this series :
  1. Do y00 thnk LURVE cn b3 changed?

    Do you think love can be changed?
  2. naww, I DNT thnk SOO

    No, I don't think so
  3. TMY

    Tell Me Why
  4. IDKW

    I Don't Know Why
  5. pero I thnk TRU LURVE exist 40000

    But I Think true love exist forever
: Max   : Mary

Plain text for "Mary and Max(4)":

Mary: Do you think love can be changed?
Max: No, I don't think so
Mary: Tell Me Why
Max: I Don't Know Why
Max: But I Think true love exist forever

Other words relating to "But"

  • A2DP: Advanced Audio Distribution Profile
  • ABF: All But Face
  • ABU: Anyone but (Manchester) United
  • BICBW: But I Could Be Wrong
  • BING: But It's Not Google
  • BISLY: But I Still Love You
  • BNB: Bread 'N' Butter
  • BNR: But Not Really
  • BOTOH: But On The Other Hand
  • BSF: But Seriously Folks
  • BST: But Seriously Though
  • BTA: But Then Again....
  • BUNS: Buttocks
  • BUTTERFACE: A Woman With An Attractive Body But An Ugly Face
  • BWC: But Who Cares?
  • BWDIK: But What Do I Know?
  • BWTH: But What The Hell
  • BYKT: But You Know That
  • CBD: Cute But Dumb
  • CREEPER: Someone who views your profile but doesn't make contact
  • DDOS: Distributed Denial of Service.
  • DISTRO: Distribution (software, music, etc)
  • DIVA: Talented, but arrogant, female performer
  • FOT: Fat, but HOT
  • FREEBSD: Free Berkeley Software Distribution (Unix like OS)
  • FUTCH: FEMME + Butch
  • GBNF: Gone But Not Forgotten
  • GHB: Gamma Hydroxybutyrate (drug)
  • ICBINB: I Can't Believe It's Not Butter
  • LBNL: Last But Not Least
  • LBS: Laughing But Serious
  • LBVS: Laughing But Very Serious
  • LURK: Read a forum but never post
  • MBA: Married But Available
  • MEATHEAD: Muscular, but thick, person
  • NALGAS: Buttocks
  • NBG: Nasty But Good
  • NBT: Nothing But Trouble
  • NERD: Intelligent but socially inept person
  • PB&J: Peanut Butter and Jelly
  • PBJ: Peanut Butter and Jelly
  • PITCH: Contribute money
  • RBG: Revolutionary But Gangsta
  • SAVAGE: Brutal but awesome
  • SBD: Silent But Deadly
  • TBNT: Thanks, But No Thanks
  • >3: Evil but happy
  • budzecks: butt sex
  • but6: buttsex
  • butsecks: butt sex
  • butterface: every thing is hot but her face
  • bwt: but when though
  • bykt: But you knew that
  • contrib: contribution
  • contribs: contributions
  • ddos: Distributed Denial of Service
  • esbm: Everyone sucks but me
  • ianalb: I am not a lawyer, but..
  • icbiwoop: I chuckled, but it was out of pity.
  • idkbibt: I don't know but I've Been Told
  • idkyb: i don't know why but
  • ilbbaicnl: I like big butts and I can not lie
  • ilotibinlirl: I'm laughing on the internet, but I'm not laughing in real life
  • ilybtid: I Love You But Then I Don't
  • imhbco: In my humble but correct opinion
  • isbya: im sorry but you asked
  • itb: in the butt
  • kmb: kiss my butt
  • lbnr: laughing but not really
  • lbo: laughing butt off
  • lgbnaf: lets get butt naked and f**k
  • lmbo: laughing my butt off
  • lmfbo: laugh my f**king butt off
  • lolbs: laugh out loud but seriously
  • lurker: one who reads but doesn't reply
  • lybo: laugh your butt off
  • obgjfioyo: old but good job finding it on your own
  • pb: peanut butter
  • pbjt: peanut butter jelly time
  • pihb: pee in his/her butt
  • piihb: put it in her butt
  • piitb: put it in the butt
  • roflmbo: rolling on floor laughing my butt off
  • rotflmbo: rolling on the floor laughing my butt off
  • sitb: sex in the but
  • sroucks: that's cool, but it still sucks
  • tbnt: thanks but no thanks
  • tfbundy: totaly f**ked but unfortunatly not dead yet

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PERO Definition

Very simple, It is But.

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