What does NOWT mean?

NOWT means Nothing.

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Other slang ways to say "Nothing":

Other words relating to "Nothing"

  • AON: All Or Nothing
  • BDN: Busy Doing Nothing
  • BLAH: Nothing to say
  • BTN: Better Than Nothing
  • DN: Doing Nothing
  • IGNTS: I've Got Nothing To Say
  • LBDN: Look Busy Doing Nothing
  • NBT: Nothing But Trouble
  • NBTD: Nothing Better To Do
  • NM: Nothing Much
  • NOUT: Nothing (northern UK)
  • NTD: Nothing To Do
  • NTM: Nothing Much
  • NTR: Nothing To Report
  • NTS: Nothing To Say
  • NTSH: Nothing To See Here
  • NVNG: Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained
  • TNB: There's Nothing Better
  • TNLN: Took Nothing Left Nothing
  • TNSL: Took Nothing, Signed Logbook (geocaching)
  • VEG: Sit around and do nothing
  • YASNY: You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet
  • ZILCH: Nothing, zero
  • gndn: Goes nowhere,does nothing
  • nb,p: nothing bad, parents
  • nip: nothing in particular
  • nmhau: nothing much how about you
  • nmhm: nothing much here, man
  • nmhu: nothing much here, you?
  • nmhwby: nothing much here what about you
  • nmjb: nothing much just bored
  • nmjch: Nothing Much Just Chilling
  • nmjcu: nothing much, just chilling, you?
  • nmjdhw: nothing much just doing homework
  • nmjfa: nothing much, just f**king around
  • nmu: nothing much, you
  • ntta: nothing to talk about
  • somadn: sitting on my a** doing nothing
  • tnlnsl: Took nothing left nothing signed log
  • tyfn: thank you for nothing
  • ykn: you know nothing

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NOWT Definition

Very simple, It is Nothing.

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