What does NAPSTER mean?

NAPSTER means File sharing site.

Please check with your context to make sure this definition is appropriate.

Other words relating to "File sharing site"

  • A2DP: Advanced Audio Distribution Profile
  • BEBO: A social networking site
  • BMP: Image file format (bitmap)
  • CACHE: Store for temporary computer files
  • COOKIE: Small file relating to a website
  • CREEPER: Someone who views your profile but doesn't make contact
  • DLL: Dynamic Link Library (computer file)
  • DIGG: Social bookmarking website
  • EOF: End Of File
  • EXE: Windows program file
  • F2P: Files To Peers
  • FAT: File Allocation Table
  • FAT32: 32 bit File Allocation Table
  • FOBR: Fall Out Boy Rock (website)
  • FSCK: File System (Consistency) Check
  • FTP: File Transfer Protocol
  • HI5: Social networking site
  • IMGUR: An Internet Image Sharing Website
  • JPEG: Image file format
  • JPG: Image file format
  • LOS: Line Of Site
  • MP3: Music file format
  • MP4: Video file format
  • MPEG: Audio/visual file format
  • MTO: Media Take Out (gossip website)
  • MUA: Make-Up Alley (website)
  • MYSPACE: A social networking site
  • NAPSTER: File sharing site
  • NTFS: New Technology File System
  • NWS: Not Work Safe - for messages/sites containing adult content
  • PNG: Image file format
  • PSD: Photoshop Data file
  • RAR: File compression type
  • RSS: Rich Site Summary
  • SWOG: Uncoolness, opposite of SWAGG
  • TEMP: Temporary (worker, file, etc.)
  • TFS: Thanks For Sharing
  • TMZ: Thirty Mile Zone (celebrity news site)
  • TWITCON: Profile picture on Twitter
  • TWITTER: A social networking site
  • WIKI: Collaborative web site
  • XLS: MS Excel file extension
  • YTMND: You're The Man Now, Dog (website)
  • >3: Hate (opposite of <3)
  • *.*: Every file on a computer
  • 3>: Hate (opposite of <3)
  • fxp: file exchange protocol
  • 301ing: referring traffic to another site
  • jttsiowctw: just testing to see if other websites copy this word
  • motos: member of the opposite sex
  • oaw: on a website
  • pf: profile
  • tsig: that site is gay

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NAPSTER Definition

Very simple, It is File sharing site.

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