What does KAWAII mean?

KAWAII means Cute, pretty (Japanese).

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Other words relating to "Cute, pretty (Japanese)"

  • ANIME: Japanese style animation
  • ARIGATO: Thank You (Japanese)
  • BIMBO: Stupid girl, usually pretty
  • CBD: Cute But Dumb
  • CHONG: Good looking, attractive, cute
  • CHULA: Cute, sexy
  • CUTIE: Cute, attractive person
  • CYOOT: Cute
  • DOMO: Thank you (Japanese)
  • JDM: Japanese Domestic Market
  • JPOP: Japanese pop music
  • JRPG: Japanese Role Playing Game
  • KAWAII: Cute, pretty (Japanese)
  • KEWT: Cute
  • KYOOT: Cute
  • NINJA: Japanese warrior
  • NIP: Derogatory term for a Japanese person
  • PDG: Pretty Damn Good
  • PDP: Pretty Darn Precious
  • PDQ: Pretty Damn Quick
  • PGDA: Pretty Goddamn Awesome
  • PGP: Pretty Good Privacy (encryption)
  • PHAT: Pretty Hot And Tempting
  • PLL: Pretty Little Liar
  • PRI: Pretty
  • PSR: Pretty Standard, Really
  • PURDY: Pretty
  • PYT: Pretty Young Thing
  • SAN: Japanese name suffix, Mr or Ms
  • SAYONARA: Goodbye (Japanese)
  • X3: Cute face
  • YC: You're Cool/Cute/Crazy
  • YSC: Your So Cute
  • :3: Cute/goofy face
  • 3: Cute/goofy face
  • 2qt: too cute
  • cgf: cute guy friend
  • ciwwaf: cute is what we aim for
  • cut3: cute
  • j2c: just too cute
  • kute: cute
  • lmclao: laughing my cute little a** off
  • lpms: life pretty much sucks
  • pdg: pretty d**n good
  • pdq: pretty d**n quick
  • phat: pretty hot and tasty
  • pmt: pretty much this
  • purty: pretty
  • xyzpdq: Examine Your Zipper Pretty Darn Quick

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KAWAII Definition

Very simple, It is Cute, pretty (Japanese).

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