What does GTR mean?

GTR means Getting Ready.

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Other words relating to "Getting Ready"

  • ABD: Already Been Done
  • ABP: Already Been Posted
  • AYR: Are You Ready?
  • BURMA: Be Upstairs Ready My Angel
  • FITTIN TO: About to, getting ready to
  • FIXIN TO: About to, getting ready to
  • GSD: Getting Stuff Done
  • GTD: Getting Things Done
  • GTR: Getting Ready
  • IAK: I Already Know
  • IMYA: I Miss You Already
  • INB4: In Before (already mentioned)
  • MRE: Meal, Ready to Eat
  • RDY: Ready
  • RTD: Ready To Drink
  • RTG: Ready To Go
  • RTW: Ready To Wear
  • SAGE: Word added to a post to stop it getting bumped
  • SIAP: Sorry If Already Posted
  • UAK: You Already Know
  • UARK: You Already Know
  • WIR: When It's Ready
  • YAK: You Already Know
  • burma: be undressed ready my angel
  • goia: get over it already
  • grtg: Getting ready to go
  • gsd: getting s**t done
  • gtn: getting
  • jsa: just stop already
  • NORWICH: knickers off ready when I come home
  • r2f: Ready To f**k
  • rtfu: Ready the f**k up
  • rur: are you ready
  • stfua: shut the f**k up already

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GTR Definition

Very simple, It is Getting Ready or 1 other.

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