What does GTI mean?

GTI means Grand Tourer Injection.

This word is used in Automotive area. It is used for hot and high-performance hatchback cars.
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Other words relating to "Grand Tourer Injection"

  • ALG: Ain't Life Grand
  • GOP: Grand Old Party
  • GT: Grand Touring
  • GTA: Grand Theft Auto
  • GTA5: Grand Theft Auto 5
  • GTI: Grand Tourer Injection
  • MAMAW: Grandmother
  • NANA: Grandmother
  • TDI: Turbo Direct Injection
  • TDI: Turbo Diesel Injection
  • gaw: grandparents are watching
  • gdilf: Grandad I'd Like To f**k
  • gilf: Grandma I'd like to f**k
  • gma: grandma
  • gmilf: grandmother i'd like to f**k

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GTI Definition

Very simple, It is Grand Tourer Injection.

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