What does GIG mean?

GIG means Live performance.

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Other words relating to "Live performance"

  • ATWA: All The Way Alive
  • AAK: Alive And Kicking
  • CLWY: Can't Live Without You
  • COD: Cash On Delivery
  • EDD: Estimated Delivery Date
  • EDT: Estimated Delivery Time
  • ENDZ: Area where you live
  • GFWL: Games For Windows Live
  • GIG: Live performance
  • IKWYL: I Know Where You Live
  • KPI: Key Performance Indicator
  • KTBPA: Keep the Backstreet Pride Alive
  • KTBSPA: Keep The Backstreet Pride Alive
  • LARP: Live Action Role Play
  • LFDY: Live Fast, Die Young
  • LLAP: Live Long and Prosper
  • LOYOL: Live Out Your Own Life
  • LTD: Live/Living The Dream
  • LWWY: Live While We're Young
  • NDR: Non-Delivery Report/Receipt
  • OLTL: One Life To Live
  • RQ: Random Questions (Livejournal community)
  • SCOUSE: Relating to Liverpool
  • SCOUSER: Person from Liverpool
  • TGIA: Thank God I'm Alive
  • TSTL: Too Stupid To Live
  • TTL: Time To Live
  • WLM: Windows Live Messenger
  • XBL: XBox Live
  • YALA: You Always Live Again
  • YOLF: You Only Live Forever
  • YOLO: You Only Live Once
  • ifthtb: i find that hard to belive
  • larp: live action role-play
  • liv: live
  • lj: live journal
  • lltnt: live like theres no tomorrow
  • ppppppp: Prior Proper Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance
  • snl: Saturday Night Live
  • wolo: we only live once
  • yolt: you only live twice

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GIG Definition

Very simple, It is Live performance or 2 others.

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