What does DA mean?

DA means The.

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We have 2 other definitions of DA

  • DA: District Attorney
  • DA: Dad

Other slang ways to say "The":

A conversation using slang word: DA

Mary and Max conversation-part 5

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Other funchat in this series :
  1. Tell me sthing BOUT you, anything!

    Tell me something about you, anything!
  2. My workplace is lovely

    My workplace is lovely
  3. ELE?

    Everybody Love Everybody?
  4. Not exactly, But people care and support each other.

    Not exactly, But people care and support each other.
  5. NTK.

    Nice To Know.
  6. yea, And every day are fun, Not just ADAD.

    Yeah, And every day are fun, Not just Another day another dollar.
: Max   : Mary

Plain text for "Mary and Max(5)":

Mary: Tell me something about you, anything!
Max: My workplace is lovely
Mary: Everybody Love Everybody?
Max: Not exactly, But people care and support each other.
Mary: Nice To Know.
Max: Yeah, And every day are fun, Not just Another day another dollar.

Other words relating to "The"

  • btw: By The Way
  • AOB: Any Other Business
  • AOT: Among Other Things
  • AOTA: All Of The Above
  • AOTS: Attack of the Show (TV show)
  • ASPCA: American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
  • ATB: All The Best
  • ATEOTD: At The End Of The Day
  • ATGATT: All The Gear All The Time (motorcycling)
  • ATM: At The Moment
  • ATQ: Answer The Question
  • ATST: At The Same Time
  • ATTT: Ain't That The Truth
  • ATVB: All The Very Best
  • ATW: All The Way
  • ATWA: All The Way Alive
  • AUP: Another Useless Post
  • AAT: And Another Thing
  • AD: Anno Domini (in the year of our Lord)
  • AD HOC: For a certain purpose or for the specific purpose.
  • ADAD: Another Day Another Dollar
  • AITR: Adult In The Room
  • AKTF: Always Keep the Faith
  • ALA: In the style of (French)
  • ALOTBSOL: Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life
  • AYT: Are You There?
  • BABYSITTING: Holding the weed too long
  • BALLIN: Living the good life
  • BB: Big Brother
  • BFAM: Brother From Another Mother
  • BFITW: Best Friend In The World
  • BFTP: Blast From The Past
  • BIL: Brother In-Law
  • BITD: Back In The Day
  • BITW: Best In The World
  • BLAD: Brother/friend (from 'blood')
  • BMTH: Bring Me The Horizon (Band)
  • BMTTVE: Best Mates 'Til The Very End
  • BOAT: Bust Out Another Thousand
  • BOLO: Be On The Lookout
  • BOTDF: Blood On The Dance Floor (band)
  • BOTN: Back Of The Net
  • BOTOH: But On The Other Hand
  • BOTTS: Back On To The Subject
  • BOTW: Blog Of The Week
  • BREDRINS: Close friends, brothers
  • BREH: Brethren, brothers
  • BREW: Brother
  • BRO: Brother, buddy, friend
  • BRT: Be Right There
  • BRUDDA: Brother
  • BRUH BRUH: Brother, friend
  • BRUVA: Brother
  • BSTL: Bam, Said The Lady
  • BTA: But Then Again....
  • BTB: By The By
  • BTBAM: Between The Buried And Me (band)
  • BTDT: Been There Done That
  • BTDTGTTS: Been There, Done That, Got The T-Shirt
  • BTGOG: By The Grace Of God
  • BTHO: Beat The Hell Outta
  • BTHOM: Beats The Hell Outta Me!
  • BTL: Between The Lines
  • BTM: Be There Moment
  • BTOBS: Be There Or Be Square
  • BTS: Be There Soon
  • BTTF: Back To The Future
  • BTTT: Back To The Top
  • BTU: British Thermal Unit
  • BTWITIAILWU: By The Way, I Think I Am In Love With You
  • BTWITIAILWY: By The Way, I Think I Am In Love With You
  • BUG: Bother, annoy
  • BWTH: But What The Hell
  • CBB: Can't Be Bothered
  • CBLTH: Can't Breathe Laughing Too Hard
  • CBT: Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
  • CDC: Cult of the Dead Cow
  • CITA: Caught In The Act
  • CLOUD: The Internet (non-local storage, software etc)
  • COA: Certificate Of Authenticity
  • COP: Officer of the law
  • COTD: Comment Of The Day
  • CRICKETS: Said after a lame joke to break the silence
  • CTC: Call The Cell
  • CTF: Capture The Flag
  • CTHU: Crack The Hell Up
  • CUFF: Overprotect, smother
  • CUT: See You There
  • CWD: Cringe, Wither, Die
  • DADA: Defence Against the Dark Arts
  • DATO: Dining At The Orifice
  • DBA: Don't Bother Asking
  • DLTBBB: Don't Let The Bed Bugs Bite
  • DLTBGYD: Don't Let The Bastards Grind You Down
  • DUDS: Casual clothes
  • DUI: Driving Under the Influence
  • DUO: Do Unto Others
  • DBM: Don't Bother Me
  • DBNT: Don't Bother Next Time
  • DEB: Don't Even Bother
  • DEEZ: These
  • DEGT: Don't Even Go There
  • DEM: Them
  • DEN: Then
  • DERE: There
  • DESI: People from the Indian subcontinent
  • DEY: They
  • DFTD: Done For The Day
  • DFTT: Don't Feed The Troll
  • DGOT: Don't Go Over There
  • DGT: Don't Go There
  • DGTWM: Don't Go There With Me
  • DIDO: The same
  • DITD: Down In The Dumps, sad
  • DMB: Dave Matthews Band
  • DNFTT: Do Not Feed The Troll
  • DOTA: Defence Of The Ancients
  • DOWNER: Someone or something that brings the mood down
  • DRT: Dead Right There
  • DTL: Does The Look
  • DTP: Disturbing The Peace
  • DTR: Define The Relationship
  • DTRT: Do The Right Thing
  • DTS: Down The Shore
  • DTTC: Don't Text The Cell
  • DU JOUR: Of the day (French)
  • DWTS: Dancing With The Stars
  • EM: Them
  • ENE: Northerner
  • EOTD: End Of The Day
  • EOTW: End Of The World
  • EOTWAWKI: End Of The World As We Know It
  • ESOL: English for Speakers of Other Languages
  • ETF: Escape The Fate (band)
  • ETW: Enjoy The Weekend
  • EXTRA: Over the top, excessive
  • FACE PALM: Slap forehead with the palm of your hand
  • FFI: For Further Information
  • FIL: Father-in-law
  • FITB: Fill In The Blanks
  • FIYA: The Greatest
  • FLAKE OUT: Cancel at the last minute
  • FLAME: Insult someone over the internet
  • FLOTUS: First Lady Of The United States
  • FOB: Fresh Off the Boat
  • FOTB: Fresh Off The Boat
  • FOTC: Flight of the Conchords
  • FOTD: Friend Of The Day
  • FOTM: Flavor Of The Month
  • FOTR: Fellowship of the Ring (Tolkien)
  • FTA: From The Article
  • FTAO: For the Attention Of
  • FTBOMH: From The Bottom Of My Heart
  • FTFT: For The First Time
  • FTH: For The Horde (WOW)
  • FTJ: Fuel The Jet
  • FTK: For The Kids
  • FTK: For The Kill
  • FTL: For The Loss
  • FTLOG: For The Love Of God
  • FTR: For The Record
  • FTSE: Financial Times and the London Stock Exchang
  • FTSK: Forever The Sickest Kids (Band)
  • FTTB: For The Time Being
  • FTUW: For The Ultimate/
  • FTV: For The Victory
  • GARMS: Clothes
  • GFTW: Go For The Win
  • GLEEK: A fan of the TV show Glee
  • GLOTR: Good Luck On The Rebuild
  • GNSTDLTBBB: Good Night Sleep Tight Don't Let the Bed Bugs Bite
  • GOLD DIGGER: Person who loves someone just for their money
  • GOOGLE: To Seek An Answer Using The Search Engine Google
  • GOTY: Game Of The Year
  • GSTQ: God Save The Queen
  • GTA: Grand Theft Auto
  • GTA5: Grand Theft Auto 5
  • GTHO: Get The Hell Out
  • GTTS: Got The T-Shirt
  • GUFN: Grounded Until Further Notice
  • GWTF: Go With The Flow
  • GWTP: Get With The Program
  • HIMYM: How I Met Your Mother
  • HTBT: Had To Be There
  • HTC: Hit The Cell
  • HTH: How The Hell
  • HTTR: Hail To The Redskins
  • HUCKLEBERRY: The man you're looking for
  • IB4TL: In Before The Lock
  • IBID: Ibidem (In the same place)
  • IBTD: In Before The Delete
  • IBTL: In Before the Lock
  • ICBB: I Can't Be Bothered
  • ICWUDT: I See What You Did There
  • IDEM: The same, me too
  • IDHTT: I Don't Have The Time
  • IDKE: I Don't Know Either
  • IKTF: I Know The Feeling
  • INB: I'm Not Bothered
  • INRI: Iesus Nazarenus Rex Iudaeorum (Jesus of Nazareth King of the Jews)
  • ION: In Other News
  • IOW: In Other Words
  • ISWYDT: I See What You Did There
  • ITF: In The Future
  • ITG: In The Groove
  • ITK: In The Know
  • ITM: In the Mouth
  • ITP: Inside The Perimeter
  • ITSO: In The Style Of
  • ITTET: In These Tough Economic Times
  • ITZ: In The Zone
  • IWIWT: I Wish I Were There
  • JAFA: Just Another F***ing Aucklander
  • JATQ: Just Answer The Question
  • JB: Jonas Brothers
  • JFTR: Just For The Record
  • JLS: Jack the Lad Swing (band)
  • JOCKER: Someone who copies another's style
  • JTC: Join The Club
  • K1: The best, awesome
  • KOTC: Kiss On The Cheek
  • KOTD: KICKS Of The Day
  • KOTH: King of the Hill (game)
  • KOTL: Kiss On The Lips
  • KOTOR: Knights Of The Old Republic (Game)
  • KPG: Keep the Party Going
  • KTBFFH: Keep The Blue Flag Flying High! (Chelsea FC Moto)
  • KTBPA: Keep the Backstreet Pride Alive
  • KTBSPA: Keep The Backstreet Pride Alive
  • KTF: Keep The Faith
  • KUTGW: Keep Up The Good Work
  • LAT: Living Apart Together
  • LATM: Laughing At The Moment
  • LCTS: Let's Change The Subject
  • LIITA: Love Is In The Air
  • LLTTF: Living Life To The Fullest
  • LOI: Laughing On the Inside
  • LOLAGE: The act of LOL
  • LOLING: The act of laughing out loud
  • LOTD: Link Of The Day
  • LOTI: Laughing On The Inside
  • LOTR: Lord of the Rings
  • LOTRO: Lord Of The Rings Online (MMORPG)
  • LOWE: Don't bother, forget it
  • LTD: Live/Living The Dream
  • LTL: Living The Life
  • LTP: Lost The Plot
  • LUI: Living Under the Infuence
  • LULAB: Love You Like A Brother
  • LYLAB: Love You Like A Brother
  • LYLMB: Love You Like My Brother
  • MADD: Mothers Against Drunk Driving
  • MAGGOT: Fan of the band Slipknot
  • MAMAW: Grandmother
  • MAPOTI: Most Annoying People On The Internet
  • MASH UP: Song made from bits of other songs
  • MBFAM : My Brother From Another Mother
  • MEP: Member of the European Parliament
  • MESOS: Currency in the game Maple Story
  • MFEO: Made For Each Other
  • MGMT: The Management (band)
  • MIL: Mother In Law
  • MOAB: Mother of All Bombs
  • MOAS: Mother Of All Secrets
  • MOBO: Motherboard
  • MOH: My Other Half
  • MOPO: Master Of the Painfully Obvious
  • MOTB: Mother Of The Bride

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DA Definition

Very simple, It is The or 2 others.

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