What does BANTER mean?

BANTER means Playful, witty chat.

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Other words relating to "Playful, witty chat"

  • BANTER: Playful, witty chat
  • CHINWAG: Chat
  • CRC: Chat Room Chuckle
  • CWYL: Chat With You Later.
  • FBC: FaceBook Chat
  • IRC: Internet Relay Chat
  • IRCOP: Internet Relay Chat Operator
  • LEET: Chat room language
  • LTNC: Long Time No Chat
  • NMJC: Not Much Just Chat
  • RC: Random Chat
  • RPC: Role Playing Chat
  • SARGE: Chat up
  • VC: Voice Chat
  • WHEEL: Chat up, pick up (a girl)
  • WUWCB: What do You Want to Chat about?
  • ^: Refer To The Above Posted In The Chat
  • 911sc: emergency let's stop chatting
  • c2c: care to chat?
  • ch@: chat
  • cwyl: chat with ya later
  • dycotfc: do you cyber on the first chat

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BANTER Definition

Very simple, It is Playful, witty chat.

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