What does ASIC mean?

ASIC means Application Specific Integrated Circuit.

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Other words relating to "Application Specific Integrated Circuit"

  • API: Application Programming Interface
  • APP: Application (computer program)
  • APPS: Applications (software)
  • ASIC: Application Specific Integrated Circuit
  • AD HOC: For a certain purpose or for the specific purpose.
  • CCTV: Closed-Circuit Television
  • IDE: Integrated Development Environment
  • IDE: Integrated Device Electronics
  • ISDN: Integrated Services Digital Network
  • PCB: Printed Circuit Board
  • TBMS: To Be More Specific
  • api: application program interface
  • app: application
  • tps: test procedure specification

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ASIC Definition

Very simple, It is Application Specific Integrated Circuit.

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