What does APPS mean?

APPS means Applications (software).

Please check with your context to make sure this definition is appropriate.

Other words relating to "Applications (software)"

  • APPS: Applications (software)
  • CLOUD: The Internet (non-local storage, software etc)
  • DISTRO: Distribution (software, music, etc)
  • ESRB: Entertainment Software Rating Board
  • FOSS: Free and Open Source Software
  • FREEBSD: Free Berkeley Software Distribution (Unix like OS)
  • FSF: Free Software Foundation
  • HACK: Break into computer systems or software
  • KEYGEN: Software serial number generator
  • OSS: Open Source Software
  • SDK: Software Development Kit
  • WAREZ: Cracked/pirate software
  • foss: free, open source software
  • 0day: software illegally obtained before it was released
  • oday: software illegally obtained before it was released
  • sdlc: Software Development Life Cycle
  • warez: illegally obtained software

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APPS Definition

Very simple, It is Applications (software).

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