What does AGM mean?

AGM means Annual General Meeting.

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Other words relating to "Annual General Meeting"

  • APR: Annual Percentage Rate
  • AGM: Annual General Meeting
  • GCSE: General Certificate of Secondary Education (UK)
  • GED: General Educational Development
  • GM: General Motors
  • GMC: General Motors Corporation
  • GP: General Principle
  • GPL: General Public License
  • GPRS: General Packet Radio Services
  • IDGHP: I Don't Generally Hate People
  • JOHN DOE: General term for a man
  • NMY: Nice Meeting You
  • TAFF: Person from Cardiff or Wales generally
  • gaoep: generally accepted office etiquette principles
  • mtg: Meeting
  • wtwm: what time are we meeting?

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AGM Definition

Very simple, It is Annual General Meeting.

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