What does ADAD mean?

ADAD means Another Day Another Dollar.

Saying nothing special about one's routine working.
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A conversation using slang word: ADAD

Mary and Max conversation-part 5

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Other funchat in this series :
  1. Tell me sthing BOUT you, anything!

    Tell me something about you, anything!
  2. My workplace is lovely

    My workplace is lovely
  3. ELE?

    Everybody Love Everybody?
  4. Not exactly, But people care and support each other.

    Not exactly, But people care and support each other.
  5. NTK.

    Nice To Know.
  6. yea, And every day are fun, Not just adad.

    Yeah, And every day are fun, Not just Another day another dollar.
: Max   : Mary

Plain text for "Mary and Max(5)":

Mary: Tell me something about you, anything!
Max: My workplace is lovely
Mary: Everybody Love Everybody?
Max: Not exactly, But people care and support each other.
Mary: Nice To Know.
Max: Yeah, And every day are fun, Not just Another day another dollar.

Other words relating to "Another Day Another Dollar"

  • A buck : a American dollar
  • AOD: All Of Day
  • ATEOTD: At The End Of The Day
  • AUD: Australian Dollar
  • AUP: Another Useless Post
  • AAT: And Another Thing
  • ADAD: Another Day Another Dollar
  • ADED: All Day Every Day
  • ADL: All Day Long
  • ADN: Any Day Now
  • ADTR: A Day To Remember (band)
  • AM: Ante Meridiem (before midday)
  • AYFT: Are You Free Today?
  • B-DAY: Birthday
  • BDAY: Birthday
  • BDOML: Best Day Of My Life
  • BFAM: Brother From Another Mother
  • BHD: Bad Hair Day
  • BITD: Back In The Day
  • BOAT: Bust Out Another Thousand
  • BOD: Beginning Of Day
  • BUCKS: Dollars, money
  • COTD: Comment Of The Day
  • COUCH POTATO: Lazy person who sits all day watching TV
  • D'S: Dayton rims
  • DDMMYY: Day Month Year
  • DFTD: Done For The Day
  • DOD: Day of Defeat
  • DQYDJ: Don't Quit Your Day Job
  • DST: Daylight Saving Time
  • DU JOUR: Of the day (French)
  • EBD: End of Business Day
  • EDC: Every Day Carry
  • EDT: Eastern Daylight Time
  • EOTD: End Of The Day
  • FOTD: Friend Of The Day
  • G'DAY: Good Day, hello
  • GAMMD: Go Ahead Make My Day
  • GHD: Good Hair Day
  • GPOYW: Gratuitous Picture Of Yourself Wednesday
  • GRAND: One thousand (dollars)
  • HAGD: Have A Good Day
  • HAND: Have A Nice Day
  • HAYT: How Are You Today?
  • HBD: Happy Birthday
  • HBTU: Happy Birthday To You
  • HBTY: Happy Birthday To You
  • HOLS: Holidays, vacation
  • HUNDO: Hundred (dollars)
  • HUNNED : Hundred (dollars)
  • HUNNIT: Hundred (dollars)
  • HVD: Happy Valentine's Day
  • HWYD: How Was Your Day?
  • IHM: I Hate Mondays
  • IMMD: It Made My Day
  • JAFA: Just Another F***ing Aucklander
  • JFT: Just For Today
  • JOCKER: Someone who copies another's style
  • KOTD: KICKS Of The Day
  • LDS: Latter Day Saint
  • LOTD: Link Of The Day
  • M2D: Make my day
  • MBFAM : My Brother From Another Mother
  • MCM: Man Crush Monday
  • MCW: Man Crush Wednesday
  • MDW: Memorial Day Weekend
  • MILL: Million (dollars)
  • MMD: Make My Day
  • MNF: Monday Night Football
  • MOTD: Message Of The Day
  • MOTD: Match Of The Day
  • MSFAM: My Sister From Another Mister
  • NYD: New Year's Day
  • OAN: On Another Note
  • ODAAT: One Day At A Time
  • OGIM: Oh God It's Monday
  • OHIM: Oh Hell, It's Monday
  • OMD: Oh My Days
  • OMDZ: Oh My Dayz
  • OOTD: Offer Of The Day
  • OOTD: Outfit Of The Day
  • OTLTA: One Thing Led To Another
  • OWOA: One Way Or Another
  • PDT: Pacific Daylight Time
  • POTD: Post Of The Day
  • QOTD: Quote Of The Day
  • RDO: Regular Day Off
  • SDA: Seventh-Day Adventist
  • SFAM: Sister From Another Mister
  • SOTD: Song Of The Day
  • SSDD: Same Stuff Different Day
  • STACK: 1000 US Dollars
  • SWED: Smoke Weed Every Day
  • TDG: Three Days Grace (band)
  • TFTD: Thought For The Day
  • TGIAF: Thank God It's Almost Friday
  • TGIF: Thank God It's Friday
  • TGIM: Thank God It's Monday
  • TGIT: Thank God It's Thursday
  • TIL: Today I Learned
  • TOD: Time Of Day
  • TOTD: Tip Of The Day
  • TOTD: Tweet Of The Day
  • USD: United States Dollar
  • VACA: Vacation, holiday
  • WDE: Worst Day Ever
  • WDOML: Worst Day Of My Life
  • WDYDT: What Did You Do Today?
  • WDYWT: What Did You Wear Today?
  • WIWT: What I Wore Today
  • WOTD: Word Of The Day
  • WTDT: What To Do Today
  • YACC: Yet Another Compiler-Compiler
  • YMMD: You Made My Day
  • $: Dollar, money
  • 224: Today, tomorrow, forever
  • 24/7: Twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week
  • 2DAY: Today
  • 3DG: Three Days Grace (band)
  • 42480: April 20th, WEED smoking day
  • 4221: 4ever 2gether 2love 1another
  • 72: 72 hours, 3 days
  • 7DAW: Seven Days A Week
  • fri.: Friday
  • 2dae: today
  • 2ditd: today is the day
  • 2sday: tuesday
  • 301ing: referring traffic to another site
  • aiadw: ALL IN A DAYS WORK
  • anuda: another
  • apod: Another Point Of Discussion
  • b'day: birthday
  • bd: birthday
  • cuom: see you on monday
  • cyntott: see you next time on Tech Today
  • daii: day
  • eod: End of day
  • gday: Good Day
  • gpytfaht: gladly pay you tuesday for a hamburger today
  • hpybdy: happy birthday
  • iaw: In Another Window
  • iotd: image of the day
  • neday: any day
  • nedn: any day now
  • nst: no school today
  • odtaa: one d**n thing after another
  • omdz: Oh My Days
  • omfd: oh my f**king days
  • poets: piss off early, tomorrow's Saturday
  • s.i.n.g.l.e: Stay intoxicated nightly, get laid everyday.
  • sfam: Sister from another mother
  • snl: Saturday Night Live
  • sosdd: same old s**t, different day
  • ssdd: same s**t, different day
  • sssd: Same s**t Same Day
  • tbt: throwback thursday
  • tgiff: thank god its f**king Friday
  • tgis: thank god it's saturday
  • thot: the hoe of today
  • ttylt: talk to you later today
  • twsy: That was so yeterday
  • yapa: yet another pointless acronym

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ADAD Definition

Very simple, It is Another Day Another Dollar.

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