What does ABD mean?

ABD means Already Been Done.

Example: "I confirm his task is ABD"
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Other words relating to "Already Been Done"

  • ABD: Already Been Done
  • ABP: Already Been Posted
  • BRAVO: Well done
  • BTDT: Been There Done That
  • BTDTGTTS: Been There, Done That, Got The T-Shirt
  • BU2M: Been Up To Much?
  • CAN DO: It will be done
  • COPYPASTA: Post that has been copied and pasted
  • CWD: Comment When Done
  • DUNZO: Done, over, finished
  • DFO: Done Fell Out
  • DFTD: Done For The Day
  • ESTD: Easier Said Than Done
  • GOKIL: Crazy (Indonesian)
  • GSD: Getting Stuff Done
  • GTD: Getting Things Done
  • IAK: I Already Know
  • HYB: How You Been?
  • IBMTS: I've Been Meaning To Say
  • IMYA: I Miss You Already
  • INB4: In Before (already mentioned)
  • JWD: Job Well Done
  • NBB: Never Been Better
  • NBK: Never Been Kissed
  • NHD: No Harm Done
  • OXY: OxyContin (or oxycodone), painkiller
  • PAU: Finished, done
  • QED: Quod Erat Demonstrandum (it has been proved)
  • SIAP: Sorry If Already Posted
  • UAK: You Already Know
  • UARK: You Already Know
  • WD: Well Done
  • WHYB: Where Have You Been?
  • WHYD: What Have You Done?
  • WUBU: What You Been Up to?
  • WUBU2: What Have You Been Up To?
  • WYBD: What've You Been Doing?
  • YAK: You Already Know
  • YBW: You've Been Warned
  • YHBT: You Have Been Trolled
  • YHBW: You Have Been Warned
  • audy: Are you done yet?
  • ayd: are you done
  • aydy: are you done yet
  • bn: been
  • bttt: been there, tried that
  • cid: consider it done
  • goia: get over it already
  • gsd: getting s**t done
  • hhyb: how have you been
  • hyb: how you been
  • idkbibt: I don't know but I've Been Told
  • jsa: just stop already
  • nbf: never been f**ked
  • stfua: shut the f**k up already
  • tchbo: Topic creater has been owned
  • udy: you done yet
  • vwd: very well done
  • walstib: what a long strange trip it's been
  • whubu2: what have you been up to
  • whubut: what have you been up to
  • whyb: where have you been
  • whyd: What Have You Done
  • wthhyb: where the hell have you been?
  • wubu2: what you been up to
  • wubut: what you been up too
  • yhbt: you've been trolled

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ABD Definition

Very simple, It is Already Been Done.

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