What does 999 mean?

999 means UK emergency number.

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Other words relating to "UK emergency number"

  • A&E: Accident & Emergency
  • CRB: Criminal Records Bureau (UK)
  • CWT: Hundred Weight, 100lbs (112lbs UK)
  • DIGITS: Telephone number
  • EMS: Emergency Medical Service
  • EMT: Emergency Medical Technician
  • ER: Emergency Room
  • GCSE: General Certificate of Secondary Education (UK)
  • GOMER: Get Out of My Emergency Room, unwelcome patient
  • IBAN: International Bank Account Number
  • ISBN: International Standard Book Number
  • ISSN: International Standard Serial Number
  • ITV: Independent TV (UK)
  • KEYGEN: Software serial number generator
  • NOUT: Nothing (northern UK)
  • P45: Employment severance form (UK)
  • PIN: Personal Identification Number
  • RNG: Random Number Generator
  • S/N: Serial Number
  • SPURS: UK football team (Tottenham Hotspur)
  • UAN: Universal Access Number
  • UIN: Unique Identification Number
  • UTFL: Use The Force, Luke
  • VIN: Vehicle Identification Number
  • ZERG: Defeat enemy by outnumbering rather than strategy or skill
  • No1: Number one
  • 112: European emergency number
  • 666: The Number of the Beast
  • 911: US emergency number
  • 999: UK emergency number
  • 911sc: emergency let's stop chatting
  • cihyn: can i have your number
  • epa: Emergency Parent Alert
  • ltip: laughting until I puke
  • nmbr: number
  • p911: parent emergency (parent near)
  • ph#: phone number

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999 Definition

Very simple, It is UK emergency number.

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