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-*: variation after "-" mark
Explanation/example: For example, in data-*, the "*" may be any sequence of characters, so data-* is a general notation for any string starting with "data-" as data-animal-style, data-class... 
Bag that!: Forget that!
Explanation/example: Bag that, It was a mistake.
Back room: secret
Explanation/example: It was a back room meeting.
Baby bear: A rookie cop
Explanation/example: A baby bear tried to arrest me for speeding.
Baboon: (n) a jerk; a stupid person
Explanation/example: Example: Stop acting like a baboon!
TTOT: Travel Talk on Twitter
Explanation/example: A biggest social media travel event and a social travel hashtag on Twitter. The regular sessions of "TTOT" are held on every Tuesday at 9:30 AM/PM GMT.
BYOD: Bring your own device
Explanation/example: Use your own laptop, smartphone, iPad... as your working facilities.
MAGA: Make America Great Again
Explanation/example: Donald Trump's presidential campaign slogan in 2016 .
Example: "Together we make America great again".
FCF: Far cry from
Explanation/example: FCF has the same meaning as "Very different from".
BID: Blessing in disguise
Explanation/example: Something good happening but it seems bad at first.
BOBW : Best of both worlds
Explanation/example: The situation that at the same time, you can have two advantages or two opportunities of different things.
BATB: Beat around the bush
Explanation/example: Try to avoid to say about the main point or avoid to answer the question.
"He tried to BATB when I asked him the question".
ASLTW: Actions speak louder than words
Explanation/example: To emphasize that people should be estimated or judged better by what they do than what they say.
PFYT: Penny For Your Thoughts
Explanation/example: Similar to "please tell me anything that you are thinking".
HP: Hot Potato
Explanation/example: A hot and disputed issue that many are people taking about it.
Flyovers: Non-coastal parts of US.
Explanation/example: "Flyover boy" means the boy comes from the rural, small and non-coastal parts in America. It is used in the movie "Gone Girl" in a testimony of Nick Dunne.
ywud: yo whats up dude
Explanation/example: "yo whats up dude" is an informal greeting in U.S. It's meaning is similar to "Hey friend, is there anything new?"
sxe: straight edge
Explanation/example: See straightedge for futher explanation. is an Internet Slang Dictionary where you can quickly and straightly find out the meaning of any slang term (that is popular on Facebook, Twitter, Online Chat, SMS, Google Plus, Movies... ). We provide simple but complete information for slang definition. Our cool examples of using slang in visible form may bring you relaxed moments.

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